Ad Format    
Rich Media (MRAID Compilant)
Native (IAB compliant custom extension)
Media (Video/Audio)
Rewarded Video
Ad sources    
Mediation (Ad Networks)
Programmatic (RTB Auction)
(Always on)
(Can be set Off)
Promotions (Cross Sale / Up Sale)
Direct Deals (Advertiser Campaign)
Analytics and Logs    
Unified Dashboard
Change Logs
Promotions/Direct Deals Configuration    
Advanced Campaign delivery
(Date, Time, Daily/Total Limit, Frequency Capping, Pacing, Phased Rolleout)
CTA (Call to action): App/Web, Call, SMS, Deeplink
Conversion attribution
Audience Targeting    
Device/Connection Properties
Key Values / Custom Key
Direct Deals Advanced configuration    
Direct Programmatic (5% of DSP revenue)
Pricing Model : CPM, CPC, CPA, CPCV, CPD
OM Viewability & Third Party Impression Tracker
My Groups (IDFA/IFA/GAID: CSV or Encrypted file)
AudiencePRO (Gender/Age group/Residing at/Audience Persona)
Roles & Workflow Management
VMAP Support
Email Assistance
Priority Messenger & Call
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